ProFlute has a type of rotor for every purpose.

ProFlute have a type of media for every purpose. From the standard desiccant silica gel rotor PPS, to the more sophisticated PPX, PPP and PPC types. ProFlute provide standard and custom rotors with or without a cassette to all OEMs globally.



The core business for ProFlute is to supply OEM companies with high quality and durable desiccant rotors. We strive to give our customers the ability to deliver world class desiccant equipment and dehumidifying systems with outstanding performance and lifetime to their end customers. Our commitment is to provide the world market with desiccant rotors to fit our customers’ needs in terms of world class performance and durability. ProFlute rotors are made in a wide variety of sizes from 220×50 mm to 4500×400 mm in a wide variety of media types for all purposes.


The ProFlute cassette is an all purpose frame supplied in galvanized steel for small rotor sizes and powder painted steel for larger rotors. Stainless steel is an option for all sizes.

Media types


ProFlute´s standard rotor – The PPS rotor is intended for use in dehumidifiers and desiccant cooling systems. It has a very high content of active silica gel.


The PPX silica gel rotor is intended for use in dehumidifiers where the process air have very high moisture content and needs extraordinary reduction of the moisture content.


The PPP molecular sieve rotor is intended for use in dehumidifier applications where entering air is dry and/or hot, and where the processed dry air must be even dryer. Typical in plastic hopper dryers.


Media customized for high moisture removal for lower regeneration temperature and contains activated carbon to minimize cross contamination. These properties makes PPC media beneficially for applications using for example passive dehumidification.