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ProFlute was established 1998 in Stockholm, Sweden, by four equal partners. They shared a vision to develop and produce the best desiccant silica gel rotors in the world for the OEM industry. Starting with the combined skills and knowledge in product development, marketing and manufacturing techniques as base capital, ProFlute have succeeded in establishing a multi-million business to serve OEMs with best quality sorption rotors all around the world.

In 2013, ProFlute was acquired by Munters, global leader in energy efficient and sustainable air treatment and climate solutions. The strategy and values of ProFlute remains intact and products are sold independently and with its own well-known brand. The company is proud of its short deliveries, high quality, excellent performance, robustness and that products are produced with the Management System standards, ISO9000 and ISO14000.

For the majority of the teritory of ACPC, ProFlute China commonly known as SAT Co have the supply responsibility. See below for an introduction.
Countries excluded from this agreement is Japan, South Korea and India. Contact point for these countries is ProFlute AB. The rest of the ACPC area please follow link below.

ProFlute has one sub-company in China as the center of ACPC market.
Jiangyin SAT Air Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd (hereafter called “SAT Co.”) was established in March of 2000.
From 4th of Jan. 2013, ProFlute AB had become the 100% shareholder in SAT, and SAT became a fully owned sub-company of ProFlute AB.
SAT Co. specializes in manufacturing desiccant dehumidification rotors and cassettes.
It imports the desiccant media from its Swedish head-company ProFlute to make various specifications of rotors meeting dehumidification requirement of different environment and applications.
As a rotor supplier, Proflute China / SAT Co. created a good cooperation relationship with our customers with unique quality, excellent service and quick lead time.
Proflute Desiccant Rotor, Value Your Business!

For the following markets China, Hong-Kong, Vietnam, Singapore.


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